Never Alone [Jay McGuiness One Shot] - threesomewithniam

            White knuckles grasped skinny knees. Knees that would not be skinny for much longer now, I noted wryly. I would have five small, circular bruises in place of this hold, but it was all I could do to keep my hands from quivering in my lap.

            He sat across from me, his mouth set in a thin grimace that made him unable to speak. Ten minutes of silence, at least, had passed between us. The silence unnerved me. It was better than the screaming, though, when neither of us could understand what the other was saying, nor cared. I could hear my own thoughts; they did not have much else to say than what had already been bared in this argument.

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If I Didn’t Know Better [Tom Parker One Shot] - partyintheehousee

            “Your flat is amazing.”

            I gave Tom a smile as he placed a glass of whiskey in my hand. I normally wasn’t one for such strong liquor, but it was all he had.

            “You should have seen it when it was me and the boys.” He chuckled, gazing out at the city view I had just been admiring. “We had the place in constant havoc. Jane must have hated us.”

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Safe to Say [Jay McGuiness One Shot] - madiheartsthewanted

            “Tonight was fun.”

            Tightening his grasp of my fingers, he smiled before agreeing with me. We were walking away from the London Eye toward where my car was parked. Under my other arm was a large stuffed panda Jay had “won” for me. In actuality he had just bribed the guy who owned the stand when he thought I wasn’t looking.

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  • january 2012: this will be my year
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